Truth be told I’ve been given the responsibility on numerous occasions to come up with baby names by close friends. That may seem to be an easy task for some but my approach doesn’t come with so much ease. Names should be powerful. They should make a everlasting statement. I believe while a strong handshake may take you places, your name is what will forever be remembered.

Americana Manhasset has over 60 premier stores to choose from. You can find all the powerful names in the fashion industry under one roof (although it is an outdoor shopping center). It’s the perfect Oasis for all. I could say Americana and I have somewhat of a history. I’ve bought everything from a college graduation outfit, larger sized pieces from different brands to showcase three baby bumps, baby clothing, party dresses, and so much more. Lets not forget the restaurants where you probably would find me during the week either with friends, my family or quick business meetings. O and don’t worry Cipollini Pronto has got your quick caffeine crush to go as well. It’s the place where everyone can find what they are looking for at any time of the year. Here’s the best part! Know what you want but can’t make it there? With every shop compiled with friendly yet efficient SA’s, they can send you pics of pieces thats on your shopping list. This was a huge help for me personally when the holidays rolled around about 10 years ago and I was bedrest with my third pregnancy in desperate need to get my gift list all done and wrapped. With a few phone calls and a few texts, everything was done in no time. Still not convinced and thinking shopping isn’t your forte (is that even possible??) ? Did I mention they also offer amazing events and even pop up workout sessions (all posted on their site). I think you get the idea of what Americana Manhasset is all about so just check out what all the buzz is about.

P.S if you see me there say HI!

Xo- Stilettofashions

All photos HR Mediagroup

Americana Manhasset