St. Ives


I love hands-on experience especially when it comes to my skincare because knowing whats in the products a person uses is so key. The active ingredients will dictate what the outcome may bring for your skin and will help translate what works best for your skin type. It's real easy to walk into a store and scour through shelves upon shelves of creams, moisturizers, serums, scrubs, etc. but I find myself sometimes finding the perfect product with the not so perfect scent or sometimes I just want no scent and its already incapsulated in the perfect scrub. Knowing I was going to have so much fun at the St. Ives mixing bar I took my little mini me (she's camera shy) to get her hands on the perfect product that fits her skincare needs. After all, tweens should be cleansing and hydrating to get rid of all that shade in and out of the classroom and keep that natural young glow shining bright from a early age. 

St. Ives mixing bar was so inviting from the minute you walk in. Friendly staffers greet you and explain the whole process from start to finish not to mention all the extra perks like a free sample vending machine, yes you read correctly I wrote FREE, to a cute interactive photo booth and of course all the cute displays that were Instagram photo worthy. You have a choice of creating your own facial or body scrub or body lotion and since the sun has been sternly harsh this summer we chose to create a perfect facial scrub for mini me's daily use. After choosing the texture, scent, hydration level, it got all mixed up in what looked like a magic bullet and Voila. She's been using it since and I might add I totally feel a difference when giving her my 'mom enough already' kisses.