Millennial's Ringing in the New Year


Lets start with defining this fascinating word that has people crazed about and can’t stop repeating, The Millennial. What is a millennial? Well, I’m going to amuse you all but reiterating the dictionary’s definition just for kicks.

According to the dictionary it is a person who is born roughly between the 1980’s and 1990’s and if thats the case, this millennial just got your attention. After all the holidays from Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas, the one that gets everyone going wild is NEW YEARS!!!

Everyone has their way of counting down and whether you’ll be celebrating with friends at a club, with family at home, or a simple dinner, one thing we ALL do, no matter where in the world you’re at, is the countdown to a new and blessed year ahead full of resolutions we implement hoping they’ll get checked off by the time we come full circle into 2020. So raise your glasses to a dreaming bigger dreams, aiming higher then ever before, brushing off all the negativity and filling our glasses with optimism! There you have it, I just wrote up your mot important bullet points to start off your year on the right track. You can thank me later.

Xo - Stilettofashions


photos by : CinthiaSpoon

dress : ZARA

shoes: Christian Louboutin

location: The Jane Hotel