Non-Negotiable is a term I find myself telling my kids on numerous occasions. “Your not hanging out with your friends until you clean your room thats non-negotiable”, “your bedtime is 9:30 no if’s or buts thats non-negotiable” and the best one “as long as your living under my roof you must abide by my rules! Thats non-negotiable.” I can honestly go on and on about how many ways I have used that term but as they get older I realize I may have to change my tune because there are a lot of things in life that may seem to be non-negotiable but respectively are just the opposite.

Is Happiness non-negotiable? No one can ever tell someone their happiness has limitations, a time frame or how it may be delivered. So to this I would tell my kids to do what makes them happy because with happiness comes the realization that a person can succeed with the positive state of mind which one gets from happiness.

People say your age is the right of passage as to what you can do in life. Is that non-negotiable? There is no set age to go back to school, create a company, reinvent yourself, etc. Age is just a number we use to figure out how many candles will go on that next birthday cake. LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN!!! Lol.

When I decided to take my blog live, just about three years ago, I had some pessimists telling me I’ve missed the boat because there are an abundance of people like me out there and they all started a long time ago documenting proposals, weddings, pregnancies, births, moving to new houses, etc. Basically a lot of ‘firsts’ is what they were trying to point out. In my life these were already old news and no one reads up on old news. Well, when they were done I smiled, thanked them for their foolishness and decided to do what made me happy which was to create a blog where I can interact with people and engage with audiences from around the world. What happened to those hacklers you ask? O they’re still hackling, but up someone else’s alley these days.

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