Boucle & Mini Skirts

YESSSSSS ITS FINALLY SUMMER! What better way to commence the official start of summer than to start prepping for Fall. Lol, yes, I said Fall. Call it the Sagittarius in me always wanting to be ahead of the game but you never live in the moment when it comes to fashion. You don't just embrace the season your currently in but rather think of the upcoming season. With that said, I have one word, Boucle. One word with so much power. I love the look of the fabric so much I wore a baby blue boucle suit to my first sons brit party and I kept the jacket (which is mint condition thirteen years later) because of its polished look. 

A definite must have for Fall is a bunch of jackets on hand. Every girl should own three types. The fun denim, the sleek leather and the chic Boucle. The Boucle jacket can upscale any outfit with its playful fabric and frayed look creating the perfect fall vibe. I love to throw on a Boucle jackets over a cool summer look and rocking it into Fall creating a mix of seasons. Personally I love this white IRO jacket because it defines my exact thoughts on blending looks. A flounce white summery skirt, a beige tank and a pair of waved heels paired with this jacket is the quintessential "summer meets fall" look. So while shopping for your bikinis take a peak on the fall section and grab yourself some Boucle. Wink Wink.