Finding Your Platform

Raise your head up high and reach for the stars. That is what I was born into. My mother didn’t instill a dream but rather a reality that every woman should know…you CAN do it ALL. Believe. Achieve and amongst all make sure the kids don’t miss the bus in the morning and they take their vitamins. Lol. Yes ladies grab that cake, take a slice and eat it too. I’ll take mine with extra fudge and a cherry on top.

Being a girl and the middle child I never felt any kind of difference between the way my parents treated me in comparison to my older brother or younger sister. They wanted us all to succeed and my mom always taught us the sky has no limits, make your voice heard and amongst all only U CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Its an age old myth that being a mom means that everything else in your life needs to be put on the back burner. On the contrary making something of yourself (big or small) makes your kids look up to you seeing that all their needs have been met and mom has done this while still doing something for herself.

A positive balance is what we all need to show our kids, esp. our girls that anything is possible no matter what the odds are. You just need to find your passion, ignite the fire and run with it. Success is within us all some get there quicker then others but its available for EVERYONE! Having a daughter of my own I wanted to create something we could talk about, have some fun with and eventually grow it into something she could take part in. Fashion has always been a passion of mine but it didn’t end there. Being a extrovert I wanted to share my passion with everyone and thats what brought me to social media. Posting on different social media sites as well as starting my own webpage, connected me to other brands and designers collaborating and showcasing their products. I can’t wait to see where this will go in the near future.

Doing this while raising three monkeys isn’t a walk in the park but that positive balance has gotten me waking up every morning planning my next endeavor while packing the kids school snacks. O and don’t forget their vitamins!