Contour Rules

So, I know everyone has been talking about contouring and there are truly a billion ways of doing it but being a working mom constantly on the go I wanted a simple easy but amazing contour look for my daily makeup routine. I decided to go hunting for the best product and although I fell in love with two products, I have to honestly say that this one surpassed the other by its smell. Yes…I said smell lol. Too Faced cosmetics has this awesome bronzer powder that I use as a contour and …..IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! I mean c’mon people who doesn’t want their face smelling like chocolate!

I apply it on my T-zone with a small/medium brush and a little extra on my cheeks bones to make them more pronounced. Simple. Easy. Done. They have three different hues for a more intense or lighter finish. This a is great addition to your cosmetic list and a definite addition to mine!

Their products can be found on their site here or Sephora.

Happy shopping