Go BOLD or go home


How do you do it? How do you have enough time? Whats your secret? You make it seem so easy? How do you balance it all?

These are the questions I always get from my followers and readers. I always answer the same way by saying "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" I don't have a magical wand or pixie dust (although I should've asked for some for Chanukah) but rather I'm trudging along just as anyone else and having some fun while sharing it all through social media. I was never that girl who thought of the next step ahead but rather always trying to think of the next three steps ahead. With any struggle I've encountered in my life I've made it a mission to turn it around and look at it as a positive thing that will mold me and teach me and strengthen me. My drive is what keeps me going and the support I have from my family is what makes it easier to do what I love. 

Fun fact: Did you know I was the youngest junior manager in the Film Industry and my boss at the time showed me what real drive and passion was.

Top: Gracia 

Fur Vest: Saks (similar here)

Shoes : Christian Louboutin (one found here)

Denim: Frame at Intermix