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Finding Your Platform

Raise your head up high and reach for the stars. That is what I was born into. My mother didn't instill a dream but rather a reality that every woman should CAN do it ALL. Believe. Achieve and amongst all make sure the kids don't miss the bus in...


You don't need to be seaside to sport a maritime look this season but rather a few navy/white stripes can make you feel like your sipping a bellini by the Venice shores. Its funny actually, when I look back at my old photos from our travels to Italy a few...

Bright Lights

  Redefining spring sunshine. I love color!! I think people are sick of me stating it so many times on my blogposts but heck here it is again I LOVE COLORRRRR! Lol. Now that I got that out of the way let's talk Neon. Spring fashion is all about...


I had the pleasure in meeting with two influential strong women in the fashion world. Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard, two sister in laws who make up what we all know as the Veronica Beard brand. I got a chance to do a quick Q &A before...

Blue Skies Ahead

          I'm on Cruise Control with this head to toe look from Gap adding a touch of lavender to brighten up these past few cold days here in NY. Nothing says sailor more then Navy and White and especially if stripes...

Cant decide? Take them ALL!

I'm guilty for accumulating more pairs of jeans then I need but who's to say when enough is enough ?! Growing up in a house where my dad never understood why I would take a pair of scissors to my denim or wash them with stones or even tie dye (yes tie dye it...

Pumpkin Spice

 Today was the perfect Fall day especially for this vibrant sleeveless dress. I wanted to try a whimsical look. I found this dress a few years ago on my trip to Barcelona Spain. I remember the boutique as clear as day.  Walking in and just captivated with...

The little RED dress

As autumn slowly comes to an end and the weather starts to get colder foreshadowing winters ugly arrival in NYC. I decided to take a stroll into Brooklyn and take in the sites while shooting this blog post. The idea behind this look was to find a trade in for...

sleeve Crazed

The sleeve of a garment is one of the most important characteristics of fashion. It can vary from its length to what it is trimmed or adorned with. This bodysuit captured my attention with its sleek sheer sleeves and a beautiful bell at the wrists that...